The Alcohol and Other Drug Policy Institute (ADPI) works to advance substance use disorder (SUD) service in California through the creation and dissemination of knowledge concerning substance use disorders and their amelioration at the individual and community levels. Our work extends from informing broad policy initiatives addressing statewide concerns to working with local level service systems and providers.



Effective strategies for the prevention and treatment of substance use disorders problems save lives, save families, and save taxpayer dollars.

In California, substance use disorders affect between 2.5 and 3 million persons. Substance use disorders have a direct impact on taxpayer-supported service systems: law & justice, corrections, primary health care, mental health care, welfare, child welfare, and education.

Broadening the circle, each individual with a substance use disorder has family members who are adversely affected. Each person in an abuser/addict's life is likely to have their own service needs and create their own impacts on publicly funded health and human service systems.

The California state budget for fiscal year 08-09, appropriated over $543 Million for substance use prevention and treatment. Still, less than 2% of those who needed treatment got it.

The 1994 CALDATA study showed that every $1 spent on AOD treatment produced a $7 savings to taxpayers. More recently a 2006 cost benefit analysis of Proposition 36 offender treatment services showed that every $1 invested in substance use disorder treatment produced a $2.50 savings for taxpayers regardless of treatment outcome. The savings increased to $4.00 for persons who completed treatment.



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